Kim Kiyosaki

Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Bestselling Author

"What you invest in should be personal, but not emotional"

From a lifetime involved in lifetime of experience in business, real estate, and investing Kim Kiyosaki has learned what it takes to be successful. Passionate about providing financial education, she draws on this experience to support her mission of financial education for women and is an internationally-renowned speaker, author, entrepreneur, radio show host, and the founder of Rich Woman.
While at college she figured school, graduation, a job, the steady climb up some corporate-ladder would be the ticket to a more secure life. However, while working for a local business in Honolulu, Kim discovered that being an employee wasn't her dream and there had to be something more.
Starting with a purchase of a small, 2-bedroom rental property in Portland, Oregon, today Kim’s real estate company buys, sells, and manages millions of dollars in property.
A self-made millionaire, Kim is a happily married (but fiercely independent) woman, and often travels the globe and speaks with her husband Robert.